Kourosh Amini is an abstract painter influenced by the early beginnings of Art. He explores the mystic qualities of abstraction in forms and symbols of early world cultures with a specific attention to American Indian and African Art. His many years spent living in urban settings, significantly New York and Paris, surface in his paintings in forms constructed of flashing color and motion. The energy of the cities combined with tribal Art create a modern mix of pulsing rhythms akin to music. His works have been exhibited in galleries and public collections in the United States.

Life itself is expressive and much of our modern concept of understanding is taken from abstract thought. Art is a powerful medium, created prior to written language, which defines and structures the understanding of our experiences of life. Through Art one can learn to contemplate and go beyond limits.

The subject of my work is derived from Native American and African Art together with other references of early cultures in abstraction. I try to create works that have similar brush strokes to ancient painters.

The expression is defined in the context of time with the paint brush alternately stopping to generate plains and fields of substance and shapes. The forms are taken from nature, as a celebration to it.

I see the work as a way to honor the early roots of Art as well as a way to explore meaning through image rather than through words.
I also see my works as sort of prehistoric television sets that broadcast joy to liberate the mind from thought.